Joining the Small Producers' Symbol global network


The MTPC is thrilled to announce that it has been certified by the Small Producers’ Symbol (SPP) since October 2023 !

The SPP label ensures solidarity, transparency, and high quality of tea production in exchange of a fairer purchase price paid by consumers. Producers receive a decent income from their sales and can invest in the development of the community. Meanwhile, it pursues continuous efforts in order to maintain a high tea quality. 🤝

The MTPC joined the SPP network of ecological small-producers gathering more than a hundred of small producers organization worldwide. This opens new perspectives for exchange and learning !

For more information on the Small Producers’ Symbol:


The MTPC is supported by the Mekong Tea Project, which is funded by AFD and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Lao PDR, with technical support by GRET Laos, LCG and AVSF.


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